Setting Boundaries

I havent been too active on here lately and it sucks, because I love this blog. It is so much of part of me and my journey.

I have been trying to focus on myself lately. Doing a deep-dive if you will into my psyche. With everything in the world such a mess I am realizing how much it affects me. Yes, I care about it, but I am an empath ( you can click here to see what that means) and when I see these things day in and day out, they are not just political issues and headlines to me. They feel deeply personal. I feel the pain, the sadness, the horror, as if it is happening to me.

This wares on me, negatively. Social media is filled with this. Everything is a cause. Black lives matter, political fights, LGBTQ rights, republicans versus democrats, feminism and women’s rights, COVID-19, masks or no masks, and on and on, and on. To be clear, I am NOT saying these things do not matter. I am saying that I cannot handle seeing it anymore, day in and day out.

So I’m not. The world will go on regardless of if I participate in these fights or not. I am not a social justice warrior when it comes to these things. I will fight to protect children and victims of sexual abuse and rape, and Mental Illness by spreading awareness. Something I have learned though is that, you can stand for something without standing for everything. Read that aloud…

“You can stand for something without standing for everything.”

Jasmine Farkas-But First, Xanax

There is no rule that makes you a bad person for not voicing your feelings or opinions on everything going on in the world. If you want to, by all means, do so! But do not feel obligated to follow every cause, and do not feel obligated to fight for everything. That does not mean there is something wrong with you. At the end of the day if doing so is causing you harm, it isn’t worth it. It’s that simple. How can we spread kindness when we are so filled with hate ourselves? Or sadness, or bitterness, or anger, or sorrow? You can’t. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. on loving your enemies, “…Hate cannot drive out Hate, only love can do that.” and that is so important to remember.

So set some boundaries and do not feel shame for that. I have unfollowed a mass amount of pages and people on Instagram. I have stopped watching the news and reading news articles, I am going to delete Facebook soon most likely, I have already deleted Snapchat. If I follow any page or friend that has too many political posts I un-follow them. It isn’t personal, and that does not change my relationship with them at all. It is simply a choice I have made for myself and my own mental health.

It is the lifting of a weight I have been carrying. I want to explore nature, read more, concentrate on school, paint, write, be creative. These things are more important to me than endless loops of anxiety from scrolling through Instagram and Facebook posts. So, next time you are feeling overwhelmed by everything, take a breath and a step back, and try and evaluate where it is coming from. Is the world weighing down on you too? Perhaps it’s time to do some boundary setting of your own…

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