Chronic Fatigue is definitely a thing, and PCOS sucks.

Here’s why…

I know a product of PCOS is chronic fatigue. It is also a symptom of mental illness. Being tired all of the time is ruthless though. When people say “I’m tired,” you know they generally mean they are tired but they can drink a coffee or tea, stretch a bit or take a nap, and get through their day.

There are literally times I am so tired my body feels heavy like a rock. I am so exhausted that I can barely move. I have fought falling asleep at my desk. I am constantly yawning all day long, no matter the time. It doesn’t even matter how long I sleep. I have tried 6 hours to 12 hours and neither one makes me feel any better.

I have been so tried some weekends I have slept for an entire day and night. I literally mean 24 hours. Only getting up to go to the bathroom and maybe drink some water. I could take a nap at any time, any place. In the car, at a doctors office waiting for my appointment, in my house, my parents house, my work. I can fall asleep at any point because I. am. always. tired. Always.

And the worst part is that nothing seems to help. I’ve tried exercising, supplements, caffeine, essential oils, warm milk, baths, acupuncture at one point, I have a set sleep routine, I sleep in a cold dark room, one of my mood stabilizers is even known for giving you energy! I suppose I could change my diet a lot more but I honestly know that it comes from my PCOS and mental illness. It just drags you down.

That is why sometimes I am actually not too upset when I am in a manic state because it’s the only time I have any energy. The bad part is of course the inevitable crash after the mania subsides, but at least for a brief time (or sometimes longer than brief…) I have energy to DO things.

Even taking a shower or moving from bed in the morning seems too much most days. I mean I do it, I force myself to just do it, but it is so so hard. Another thing, my body hurts too. It’s always achy and sore. Like I’ve had the flu forever (and no it is not COVID). I get terrible headaches and sometimes migraines, almost every single day. My joints ache. I feel like I am much older than I am.

I guess my point in all this isn’t to be a whiny bitch (even though I am lol), it’s that there is so much research for PCOS about infertility and hormones and pregnancy. But what about the rest of us? The ones who decided not to have children? Or the ones who already successfully had children or adopted? Regardless of pregnancy you still live with PCOS every single day and infertility is one symptom on the spectrum of alllll the other things you have to live with.

There is excessive facial and body hair, thinning hair on the head, excess androgen’s that cause a whole lot of problems, cysts on and in the ovaries and elsewhere, increased risk of cervical cancer, horrible periods or no periods at all, obviously the fatigue and body pains, weight gain that is difficult to lose, acne. You’re also likely to develop diabetes, sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, stroke, AND depression/anxiety.

So why then, are we spending all of the time and funding to research the fertility aspect of it? Yes it’s important, but so is all this.

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  1. I’m very sorry to hear this. I have a friend on here who’s like a sister to me who deals with PCOS.

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  2. As someone with PCOS and who suffers from depression, I am exhausted all the time. It is a struggle to get up and do daily routines. Thank you for sharing this, it’s nice to know that others can relate.

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    • I am sorry for the late reply, I absolutely relate! I have a very good friend who feels exactly the same way and has PCOS as well. It is an exhaustion 24/7. It seems to never go away. I am so sorry you experience this as well. Sending love and good vibes always.

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  3. Yes it is! Me trying to explain to my boyfriend why I can sleep for hours and still be tired is crazy! Love this post x

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