Pedophilia is not a sexual orientation.

I saw this stupid video on Facebook and it set me off. It was some clips of two Ted Talks where two women discussed their belief that Pedophiles can’t help their nature, that they shouldn’t be shunned or eliminated from society because it is simply a sexual preference, or as stated, “an unchangeable sexual orientation”. Something they simply, cannot help. She said the difference between pedophilia and sexual abuse is whether or not they act on those feelings. One of them was from a conference in Germany in 2018. I will insert YouTube links for anyone that would like to ensure I am not making this up.

I see red. Nothing but deep, blood-red, anger. Having been sexually abused myself, there was definitely something wrong with him. Many, many things. Manipulation, fear, grooming. One thing you can never tell me is that it was a normal, sexual preference. Or something that he simply couldn’t help.

It’s quite simple at the root of it all. Don’t touch children. In any way that is even remotely sexual, disgusting, uncomfortable, unacceptable, questionable, or wrong. We as humans innately know when something is wrong, we can feel it, like a gut instinct, unless we are sociopaths (and I mean that seriously not as a joke, look it up). Therefore, choosing to act on something you know is wrong, is wrong. It will never be a “preferred sexual orientation”.

If that is something that you truly feel, if you look at a child of any age and feel a sexual attraction, first off-you’re disgusting, and secondly, get help immediately because you are f***** up. And anyone who covers for you, ignores it, tries to pretend it’s okay, or normalize it in anyway-news flash: you’re f***** up too.

I understand there is an entire movement now and that everyone wants everyone else to accept everyone else, reality check-not everyone has to like you. Not everyone has to accept you. You don’t need to have validation from every living creature to live your own life. If this is even close to what “acceptance” means, I am OUT. I will never accept this because it is wrong.

When children are, well, children, and their mind is still developing things that would seem inconsequential to an adult can affect them forever. Sexual trauma and abuse WILL affect them forever. It isn’t a matter of what if’s. It is a concrete, verified fact that children who have suffered sexual abuse have higher rates of self harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, entering into abusive relationships, extreme self-esteem issues, trust and abandonment issues, problems with intimacy. The list goes on and on.

So lady from 2018, trying to advocate for these poor, child abusing people who you say, have no choice. Guess what, they do.

Anyway, rant over.

Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

Categories: Depression, Grief, Mental Health, PTSD, Rape, Self Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Social Media, Suicide

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  1. Totally agree and it makes me see red too i can’t believe they allowed it to be a Ted x talk disgusting.

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    • I am definitely no longer a supporter of Ted Talks. I understand the need for progressive and out of the box thinking. We should question the norm to better understand each other. That is how people grow and that is how innovations happen. But this, this is wrong.

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  2. I was molested when I was a kid. By family! I don’t wish that on anybody! The awkwardness never leaves.

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