Rapper Names

Okay here’s my question, WHERE do rappers come up with their names??? Like I NEED to know this information. Why did Biggie Smalls pick an oxymoron for his name? Was he like I’ll be biggie smalls just in case I make it big, but like if I don’t small still works.

Was Ice T at a diner with Ice Cube one day and they were just like Oh my God I’ve got it I’ll be Ice T and you can be Ice Cube!!!! Then they just sat there drinking their iced teas feeling mind blown by their genius?

T pain? What does the T stand for? Throat pain? Teeth? Should he see a dentist? Or like Triggered pain, is he the one inflicting the pain? I have so many questions.

Post Malone. Post what? What was pre malone? His name is actually Austin Richard Post for God’s sake. How on God’s green earth did he come up with Malone????

21 Savage. As opposed to what? Why 21? Why not 17? Drake. Was it because it rhymed with rake and he was cleaning up leaves in his front yard in Canada? Just kidding about that one, it’s his middle name lol.

Eminem. Must’ve been his favorite candy. Or maybe one he couldn’t afford in his childhood? Lil Uzi Vert. Like what. I can’t. I have to end this here. I have no more words. Sorry for the rant. That’s all for now.


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  1. Eminem I think there’s a reasonable explanation as his initials are M.M., but the rest I have no idea.


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