I hit my snooze button so many times this morning even my phone was confused.

Do you have writers’ block? It’s something that is so incredibly frustrating, so I’m here to share my little secret with you. I’m not sure it’s really a secret though.  I’m sure someone, somewhere, has already figured this out but it took me a while. We think we always have to write deep, meaningful things. While yes, that is good writing, sometimes we just need to be real.

Did you get a flat tire on your way to work? Spill an entire coffee in your lap? Lose the heel of your shoe? Did your child draw a cityscape on their wall with crayons? Did you burn your toast, spill the orange juice, break a nail and sit crying on your bed in torn pantyhose before work?

That is what you should write about sometimes. We all crave what is real. We want so deeply to know that we aren’t the only ones struggling through this life. That everyone doesn’t have it all together all the time. I hit my snooze button so many times this morning that even my phone was confused! Anything can be content. Stop beating yourself up trying to make something be super deep and using an extensive vocabulary and just let it flow.

Talk about your bad day, your dog, your dinner fiasco. Not only will it help you write and decompress, but it’ll also help your readers too. And no, I’m not an expert by any means but it’s helped me write and if your goal is to write more than it’ll help you too.

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