Decluttering your life

And things you probably didn’t think about clearing out.

Ah, it’s that lovely time of year again. Spring. It’s in the air. Spring fever. I have the urge to clean feverishly. Grant it, that could be the OCD or the bipolar mania for me. In any case, I thought I’d touch on some areas of your life you maybe hadn’t thought to give a good cleaning to.

Your phone

How many apps do you have? And how many apps do you use? You’d be surprised how they can add up. Clear them out, install them, and create folders of like apps so that your home screen doesn’t look like the rest of your life (a mess).

Your email

I came across a really great app called and it is pretty awesome. You link it to your email and it helps you unsubscribe from all the newsletters, websites, and junk in your inbox. Whether you use an app or manually go through and clean out your email,  I highly recommend doing this regularly, like your laundry.

Your linen closet

Did you steal that towel from your mom while you were visiting from college? Is that one stained from a lot of at home hair dye jobs? Does that one smell like dog? Get rid of them. Get an actual sheet set or two. Throw things out with holes, that smell, that are torn, don’t match, stained, or are just really old. Match things together. Put them in bins to keep them organized-towels, with towels, cleaning rags with rags. Here’s a hot tip, cut up some of the old towels and now you have new cleaning rags that match! There, feeling like an adult!

Your Tupperware

how many have no lids? How many lids have no container? I rest my case. Make sure there are no stragglers left behind and you have actual lid-to-container sets.

Your paperwork/files

Somehow this always gets out of control. We all feel the need to keep every piece of paper we come across. The general rule I believe is seven years. If it’s older than that you most likely will not need it again. If it’s something super important like vet records, marriage license, divorce papers, trusts, etc. obviously keep it, and consider either getting a scanner or using an app like google drive to electronically store and back up those files. If it’s a sentimental item,  I suggest getting a box no larger than a shoe box size and keeping all your memento type papers and items in there. It will keep it from getting out of hand and you will only keep what is truly important since you only have that space to work with.

Electric chords

I cannot tell you how it happens but inevitably when you go through your chord stache you will somehow find a chord for something you owned circa 2001 (like a portable CD camera…remember those? Or a flip phone). You will still have the chord. You can’t find your extra chord to your current cell phone but you will find that, amongst all these other old chords for things you either don’t need anymore, or don’t have, or don’t even know what they go to. My tip is to grab a pack of elastic hair ties from the dollar store, organize all the chords that you are keeping, then use the hair ties to keep them together. Store them all in a labeled box and walla!


if you still have them… get rid of them already. We all stream now! Who still has these? Why did I even include this one honestly…

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