My (sort of) realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Ah, the new year. A time when we think things will be different, better than the last year. New beginnings, new promises to ourselves. We will eat better, lose weight, give up blank. I generally do not make new year’s resolutions-like ever, but this year I thought I would write up a list of some semi-realistic ones that I would like to follow for this new year. While I would like to exercise and eat better, I am not including those because to me, that is a lifestyle change, not a resolution. So I guess here goes…

Finish my office

We moved into a house in October, we are renting but it is amazing. We went from a terrible part of town, an old run down, trashy studio apartment to a four bedroom home with a yard and a garage, and just a few blocks away from my parents too! Since moving in one bedroom has become my “office”. I say that lightly as I do not work from home or anything of the sort but this room has quickly become my small sanctuary. I spend hours writing, reading, drawing, and crafting in it. So for the new year, my plan is to add a shelving unit, a reading lamp, a small table, and maybe a rug. Get it exactly how I want it so that it can continue to feel like an escape to me.

Attend a foster care orientation

Anyone who has read my blog in any great length knows I have Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. I am unable to conceive without (expensive) medical assistance. Conception, unfortunately, requires I be off of all medications and while I did attempt this about a year ago, it was extremely hard for me and I ended up having a mental breakdown. Because of this, I have decided I want to foster and adopt. While I am not setting a time frame on this process my resolution is that my husband and I have at least attended the orientation and decided a time frame this year for fostering.

Stick to a damn budget

This one is hard for me. I am a compulsive shopper. When I am sad, I shop. Happy, I shop. Stressed, I shop. You get the picture. My goal in 2019 is that we get a handle on our finances, get out of debt, create savings, and stick to an actual budget. I will be thirty-one years old, so it’s time for me to grow up in this aspect. Especially because of the afore-mentioned possible adoption.

Lastly, making self-care and my relationship, a priority.

As we get older we get busier. Jobs, kids, family, friends. Cleaning, and bills, and taking care of a home. As I get older I realize these things have become front and center to me when really, my relationships should be. With God, my husband, my mom, my friends and myself. This new year I am going to make these a priority and really try and spend more time and energy re-kindling them and keeping them strong. For myself, I am going to learn when I need to take a break, a step back, or a bath. When I should write, sleep, exercise. I want to be more in tune with myself and make my own overall health first and foremost in my life.

Anyhow, those are the things I am focusing on this upcoming 2019, what are some of your life changes or resolutions this year? Leave me a comment, or just say hi!

Happy New Year everyone!!!



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