I want to sleep
But find I can’t
I close my eyes
And all I see is him

His profile etched
Against the dark sky
His smooth voice
Echoes in my dreams

The curve of his smile
His back
His arms
His eyes…

His beautiful eyes
I could get lost in them
Those amber orbs
Of mysterious thought

Could he sense it?
This animal magnetism
I couldn’t decide whether to show him
Or back away

I’m feeling lustful
And yet, somehow comfortable
With these erotic ideas

I imagine the cosmic relief
Of falling into him
Being devoured
By that gaze

I wanted so badly
To reach out
And press my hands
To his coppery skin

Fear stopped me
I might burn him
Sparks might fly
From my fingertips

I want to ride
Through the waves
In ecstasy
Until I catch fire

My head buried in his chest
His sweat mingling with my perfume
Like a star
Exploding in the heavens

His hands gripping my hips
While I ride
The burning waves of desire
Falling into peaceful nothingness


Blissful flames
The color of his eyes
Licking at my skin
I am alight

My trembling body
In his warm hands
Hot embers engulfing us
We are pure fire

Categories: Addiction, Anxiety, bipolar disorder, Depression, Homeopathic Remedies, Mental Health, OCD, Poetry, self-care, Wanderlust, Writing

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