The Oak Tree

When I was a freshman in high school we moved in with my stepdad out in the mountains. There was this huge, old oak tree at the front of the property. I used to go climb up into it and sit for long periods of time alone. The quiet felt good. The only sounds were the birds and the wind. My favorite time to sit in that tree was always when the world was densely covered in fog. It was so incredibly peaceful. The mist would curl up around me covering everything so that all you could see were a few branches and leaves. I always felt so calm when I was in that tree. No worries or anxiety.

Growing up in a wooded area I climbed trees a lot. My father’s house had a huge amount of trees. I would hike down to a little Creek there and sit up in one for hours until the sun started setting and glowing on the water.

As adults with adult lives, we often lose touch with nature. Every day I crave to sit in a tree instead of at a cold desk in an office. If only we could take our work outside to fresher places with real earth and green. How much would the human condition change if we all had fresh air instead of air-conditioned? Sunlight instead of florescent? Grass instead of tile? What if work was second to family and well being?

Until that time, take a break once in a while. Breathe and touch the grass with bare feet and an open mind. Feel the wind and rain on your face. Dance in it. Let it soak you to the bone and feel how much a little nature can help you feel all the right things.

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