The Tiny House Movement…

And how the premise can help with your mental health.

“We buy stuff we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” Sound familiar? Stuff. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with stuff. Technology, clothes, houses, cars. It seems like we need these things. But do they actually make us more depressed?

Enter the tiny house movement. You know the television shows and articles, “family of five downsizes and lives in a tiny home”. Here’s the thing; I could not live in a tiny house. Personally I just couldn’t. That being said, the principle of it is pretty genius. When you hear these people talk about it, the ones that have downsized, you often hear about how little they found they actually needed to live. They found that living “tiny” made them more conscious about what they were buying-from clothing to household items, all the way down to the food they were eating everyday.

Have you ever noticed that feeling of euphoria after you clean a space? Like you can finally breathe. Like a visible weight is lifted. What if we felt like that whenever we walked into a space? Be it our bedroom, work space, or our whole home.  Tiny home living can also be compared to the minimalism trend. I think at this point everyone has at least heard of the books or seen the you tube videos on the subject. I myself am not a minimalist though I do work every day to be more like one.

The basic concept is, if an item doesn’t fit into a specific category than it has to go. Does the item spark joy? That is the most important one. Is it something you use all the time, like a blender? Is it a favorite sweater that you wear all the time? In those cases you keep the item. I have personally started using this method to help my shopping addiction. When I see something shiny and new I stop and ask myself those key questions and it has helped me so much. I find the less stuff I have the less anxiety I feel. I can clean my home more quickly. I can find everything more easily. At work I’m more productive and organized.

In short, if you’re like me and you feel overwhelmed by too much stuff, start small. With a drawer or an item group (like shoes) and just start asking yourself, does this item bring me joy? Do I really need this? As you clear the clutter you will also start clearing your mind.

Leave me a comment if you’ve tried the minimalist way and how it’s working for you? Or if you live in a tiny home and how it’s changed your life.

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