Social Media Addiction

Social media. We almost all have some form of it. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. But does it hurt us more than it helps us? I have found that while I enjoy the daily scroll through my Instagram feed, it has caused some new issues for me that I didn’t previously have. There are times I have become obsessed. Wanting more followers, more likes. Trying to post more and more content to get more and more followers to get more and more likes. It gave me a form of high. I felt less lonely. If a photo I posted didn’t get enough likes I took it down. I posted as much as possible. I hashtagged like a maniac.

Some people have taken the route of deleting all social media. Others take long breaks. I have personally found I have to unplug at least once a week or it starts affecting me. A lot. What we have to remember is that people post their best selves on their social media. So it can seem like everyone is doing a hundred times better than you are. New houses, cars, jobs, clothes, eating out, going on trips. But how much of it is real? If you watch any of the youtube videos on “How I style my Instagram,” or “How I take my Instagram photos,” you’ll find that they are mostly staged, pre-planned with outfits and makeup, have fancy cameras and teams to help them take and edit the perfect photo. Life isn’t edited. Life is raw and real. And we have to remember that.

So unplug, take a break, take a walk, read a real book (no an eBook doesn’t count), sit at a coffee shop, and just breathe. You’ll be surprised how your mood changes when you take a break from all these electronics that run our lives.

Categories: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Health

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